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          Digital Arts

          Visual Arts

          Band & Choir


          The Visual and Performing Arts reveal the beauty of our world. They are especially important to a Christian education: God has created us in His image, and in Him we are creative beings. We are designed to be creative by our Creator.

          We teach students how to express glory and praise to God, their Creator, through creative expression and to use their gifts as a service to those around them. Through physical art, we take what God has created and re-create it in a way that expresses love and worship. Beauty is ascribed to God and He desires us to participate in His work by using our imaginations and our hands to create works of beauty that worships Him!

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          Students in our theater program have been recognized as some of the very best in the area by the 5th Avenue Theater's high school awards program.

          High School theater productions are fun for all ages!

          Instrumental music

          Singing in choir builds community

          Our students are amazing artists

          Elementary students display their creativity

          Clue: a classic "whodunnit"

          Students can join band beginning in 5th grade

          Digital Arts and Photography are popular electives

          Elementary Artists

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